Review: Joe's Diner

My boyfriend and I walked down to the new Joe's Diner on Sycamore last weekend after hearing from various twitter/facebook sources that they were open! Hooray for development in Over-the-Rhine but also for a restaurant that is affordable within blocks of my apartment!

The diner had a 'soft' opening and is operating with a test menu until August 10th when they will have their grand opening. There was a manager on duty - verbally training and walking the new staff through their first handful of tables. The restaurant was filled with an eclectic mix of patrons who appeared to come from all over.

The test menu had limited options too - maybe they were still expecting some food orders to come in. They had none of their sides or soups available, had limited sodas, and only one of their desserts (funnel cake sticks...sounded good). They also didn't have any alcohol yet - but I know they plan to, so maybe their liquor license is still in process.

Our waters with lemon came in glass jars, which I find to be charming and very home-like.

Justin ordered a bacon and egg burger. The menu stated the burger came with three slices of bacon, cheddar, a medium cooked egg. When it arrived we noticed that it had a double patty of meat. It was a BIG burger!

I ordered the salmon BLT - spice rubbed and pan seared salmon, three pieces of bacon (I had the option of pork or turkey), mixed greens, tomatoes, and a house special sauce. 

My salmon sandwich came on a lightly toasted and buttered ciabatta bun. The sandwich was really good - except for one thing. I couldn't see any house sauce - but the bottom of the bun had a salty brown sauce on it that I assumed was the sauce. It made the salmon a little too salty. I think a better choice would have been some sort of interesting aioli sauce or maybe a lemony avocado remoulade.

I'll definitely go back soon, probably sometime after the opening and see what they've done with the menu after their test period.

Go check it out!

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